RUSSKY PRODUCT is a successful brand of groceries and drinks, including jelly, seasonings, kissels and compotes.

These products are made from natural ingredients and don’t require a long cooking time. You can easily take them to work or on a hiking trip.

Production experience and expertise in the preparation of desserts and sweet powdered drinks dates back to the 1950s, long before RUSSKY PRODUCT was established.

Since 1996, RUSSKY PRODUCT has been delighting consumers with high-quality drinks, food additives and traditional Russian foods.

Briquette kissel is a traditional drink format that has been a perennial favorite since the Soviet times. Kissels by RUSSKY PRODUCT have been a long-term market leader in the hot sweet drink category. They will impart a pleasant feeling of satiety and delight you with a taste you’ve known since childhood.

RUSSKY PRODUCT is an important supplier of kissels to social facilities.

RUSSKY PRODUCT jelly has been manufactured since 2003 and remains one of the leading products in its category.

The above products have won the absolute love of customers, which is evidenced by positive online feedback. Consumers appreciate the taste and the quality of RUSSKY PRODUCT’s kissels and jelly.

RUSSKY PRODUCT’s brand is extensive. All our products share the ease of preparation, apparent health benefits, and pleasant taste. Both children and adults love sweets. That's why our products are created for people of all ages.