«Women’s Time 2022»: Business Conference Results

«Women’s Time 2022»: Business Conference Results

Dear friends,

On July 21, Elena Bugaeva, the head of supply chain management of RUSSKY PRODUCT, participated in a business conference. The participants discussed the topic of women's time in the new world.

Domestic experts, opinion leaders, heads of various business sectors shared their experience and ideas on the capabilities of Russian business women in the context of turbulent global changes of 2022.

How have the rules of the game changed and what is happening in the business sphere? How do the challenges of the new time affect our social and professional activities? How can the “soft power” ambassadors influence the current processes? These and many other important issues were discussed by the participants of Women’s Time 2022.

Elena Bugaeva attended the conference and gave a detailed commentary on the experience of RUSSKY PRODUCT. She touched upon one of the most urgent topics of our time, namely, the revision of import chains.

The world has changed, and domestic food companies are forced to respond to these changes. International business relationships, logistics and financial chains, interaction with key clients from abroad are shifting globally. Well-established processes have become inefficient, and we have to rebuild the structures that took many years to build from scratch.

Elena Bugaeva shared her experience at RUSSKY PRODUCT. She spoke about the options of importing coffee and chicory.

“Thinking outside the box and not being afraid of the new is today’s leitmotif. Forced reactive decisions can sometimes lead to a new successful stage and bring even more advantages than preceding practices,” Elena concluded.

RUSSKY PRODUCT was able to quickly reorganize its import supply chains and gained even greater advantages. The company plans to use this experience in the future and get down to work with renewed vigor!