MIRFOODS annually increases its production capacity and rapidly expands its geographical presence both in Russia and abroad.

Over 10 million people consume our products every month, which imposes a special responsibility on us. Benefitting the society is the priority goal for MIRFOODS



MIRFOODS has the advantage of owning a proprietary coffee, chicory, and cereal drink production factory. The company does not purchase semi-finished products, on the other hand, it has established a full-cycle coffee production line – from roasting green coffee beans, grains and chicory to finished product packaging.


MIRFOODS has extensive experience and expertise in coffee and cereal drink production.

The company’s experience with coffee beans began in the 1920s at a coffee factory that later became a part of the Moscow Food Factory. In 1963, the production of instant powdered coffee was launched for the first time in the USSR.

In 2002, coffee production was moved to the Detchinsky Vegetable Concentrate Factory (DZOK), where a new coffee and coffee drink production plant was built from scratch.


The company purchases only high-quality raw materials from responsible suppliers. For example, green coffee beans are delivered from the key coffee regions, chicory is imported from India and barley is produced in Russia. Subsequent processing of raw materials takes place at company’s own plant.


Today the company produces:

  • own roasted whole bean coffee
  • instant coffee powder
  • instant granulated coffee
  • instant coffee drinks
  • instant cereal drinks
  • instant chicory powder


Beverage production includes all vital technological stages, including roasting, extraction, drying and agglomeration.


  • A 100% natural product with no artificial additives, flavorings, flavor and aroma enhancers
  • Specialized European equipment from GEA, Probat, Flottweg, etc.
  • Traditional proven Spray Dry technology
  • Clear and strict compliance with National standard GOST 32776-2014
  • Production control program
  • Strictly observed technological stages, equipment maintained in clean and proper condition
  • Automated processes and computerized control
  • Responsible approach of the production team and love for their work

In the near future, the company intends to expand its instant coffee production capacities, design and build a new modern plant, which will provide dozens of jobs to the residents of the Detchino village and nearby areas of the Kaluga Oblast



Grocery foods are produced by MIRFOODS in the Kaluga Oblast, at the Detchinsky Vegetable Concentrate Factory (DZOK).


80% of raw materials used are purchased from domestic producers. All raw materials undergo a thorough incoming inspection, and are also examined quarterly in accredited state laboratories to confirm their compliance with quality and safety standards. The company uses only natural ingredients.


The company offers a wide product range. Today grocery items are represented by 9 brands and over 100 SKUs. Each product is manufactured in accordance with international standards and is of exceptional quality. Price segmentation allows MIRFOODS to appeal to a variety of consumer groups.


The production is based on automation of practically all processes – from mixing ingredients to labeling. MIRFOODS uses advanced equipment produced by major international manufacturers.

Production flows are separated, which means that each product category is manufactured on a dedicated line. Moreover, the company has introduced and constantly improves lean production principles.


  • Production capabilities allow the company maximum flexibility. It can regulate production volumes, change the packaging format and net weight, responding to all of our business partners’ needs.
  • Multi-stage control at all technological stages and the latest systems of protection against the intrusion of foreign objects and metals into the product are implemented at the production site.
  • We check each batch of finished products for compliance with the specifications.
  • The company’s products are protected from counterfeiting. A unique code applied to the packaging allows the user to check a product’s authenticity on the website.
  • The company has a library of product samples from every batch. The samples are stored for the entire shelf life of the product.
  • Extensive feedback is collected through the hotline and on social media. Each claim is reviewed by an expert panel.
  • Permanent staff, no outsourcing.

We set the bar for the domestic market!

Green focus

Green focus

Green focus, careful use of resources, and reduced burden on the environment are a key priority for us.

We make serious efforts to meet the international standards of social and environmental responsibility. However, the realities of the domestic food market do not always allow us to increase the pace in accordance with our vision.

The company's efforts are aimed at influencing – not in words, but in deeds – the desire of the society to pay as much attention as possible to caring for the environment.

Adopting international experience, we contribute to the environmental friendliness of our production on a daily basis.

MIRFOODS: environmental responsibility cases

1. Pre-foamed soap at the sanitary checkpoint

All our production facilities can boast an extremely strict hygiene regime. All employees prepare thoroughly before accessing the production sites. This preparation includes hand washing. We have replaced liquid dispenser soap with foam, which allowed to:

  • Reduce soap consumption by about 4 times (over a ton per year)
  • Reduce water consumption by about 2 times (dozens of tons per year)

A seemingly insignificant measure contributes greatly to a conscious attitude to resources and waste. Saving soap and water has a positive impact on the environment and the company’s financial resources. The savings are used to improve production quality and efficiency.

2. Packaging

Delivering high-quality products to consumers while preserving all their benefits is a key priority for MIRFOODS. Proper packaging is essential for this purpose.

It is important to use packaging that’s both reliable and eco-friendly. We constantly adjust our production processes to reduce raw material consumption.

Implemented measures:

  • Palletizing and all warehouse logistics are optimized in terms of the amount of packaging
  • 70-80% of the stretch film we use to wrap pallets is recyclable
  • We have not been using PVC in product packaging for over 6 years
  • Since 2019, we have practically completely abandoned shrink wrap
  • The Hercules oat flakes production line has been fully automated and currently produces over 100 tons of food daily. Oat flakes are packed in show boxes made from a combination of A and E flute
  • Switching to carton packaging has reduced the use of plastic by over 100 tons per year and significantly lowered energy costs, thus reducing the company’s carbon footprint
  • The company has moved away from plastic for most of its products (e.g., soups and food additives) in favor of paper-based packaging. This allowed to reduce the volume of polymeric materials by over 60%

Maintaining the high quality and affordability of our products, as well as the regular optimization of packaging, is one of MIRFOODS’s key tools on its way to carbon footprint reduction.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

As a responsible manufacturer, we strictly control the quality and food safety of our products.

The HACCP risk assessment system has been implemented at each production stage. Qualified personnel with over 5 years of experience controls product safety by constantly monitoring all control points. Employees undergo annual training and are motivated through KPIs.

Since 2021, DZOK has launched a training department that promotes and regularly audits employee competencies in terms of labor safety, food safety, personal hygiene, communications, labor efficiency, etc. Production performance indicators are monitored daily.

Production lines are constantly upgraded and modernized to eliminate all risks, including the human factor.

We are constantly improving quality and food safety indicators, which is confirmed by a decrease in the number of claims from partners and consumers.


MIRFOODS is a regular participant and frequent winner of the Quality Assurance international competition. The competition is held annually at the V.M. Gorbatov Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems.

In 2019 and 2020, MIRFOODS brands received a total of 33 medals in various categories. In 2021, the company received 21 medals and 2 certificates of excellence, ranking among the Top-5 competitors in the number of gold medals.

This victory was an achievement of the entire MIRFOODS team. The company carefully approaches the creation of products, studies the tastes and preferences of consumers to offer the best products possible.